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Cakes, Doughmutts, Pastries, Treats and so much more!

A Modern Dog Boutique Bakery

A place for the modern dog

Dogtown Bakery is your neighborhood boutique pet bakery.  Specializing in the most unique and healthy cakes for your dogs birthday, gotcha, or special celebration day. Dogtown Bakery offers the very best by providing nutritional and easily digestible products.  Each location is dedicated to well-being  health and happiness of every pet.  Dogs need to be fed according to science, not internet myths. 

Celebrate and appreciate foods that enrich our dogs' meals with flavors and nutrients.  
Live by the wag rule,  treat your dog the way you want to be treated. 

Dog Treats


Those unhealthy treats

Let them eat cake!

Our customers have spoken! These are the best of the best cakes, doughmutts. and pastries by Dogtown Bakery.