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We use the highest quality locally sourced proteins, fruits and vegetables, that are nutritious and easily digestible.  Visit our local farmers market by FarmLovers and you'll see the finest and freshest produce from Ma'o Farms. 

Cakes/ Pastries: 

Our cakes use the finest of ingredients and are Sugar Free and can be requested as Dairy Free, though we never use cream cheese. Cakes are always baked but we can provide raw meats (please contact). Each cake is gluten free or grain free based consists of wheat free flour blends like - coconut & rice flour, peanut flour. We sweeten naturally with steamed carrots and raw honey. Our PupKakes are Peanut Butter and Honey based, topped with a Sugar & Dairy Free Frosting.

All baked cakes are naturally flavored (you're choice) – and made with wheat FREE flours, fruits, vegetables, goat milk, eggs, yogurt, honey and either coconut or sunflower oils. Smothered with Sugar Free Frosting and Dog Treats.


A combination of grain free flours blended to make the perfect consistency. Each doughmutt is packed with peanut flour or bacon. Gluten free doughmutts are made from rice flour, yogurt and fresh berries.

We take pride in our ingredients relying on science, not Internet myths. If you have any questions, ask the professional on staff any day. Send us an email and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Require a substitution?

We'd be glad to substitute any ingredients to fulfill your dogs dietary needs. 

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