At Hawaii Pet Food, we create high quality pet food, that can be customized without the high price tag. ​

So why switch?

1. Hawaii Pet Food's recipes can help dogs live better and longer lives.
There's a growing body of evidence in the veterinary community that points to numerous health benefits of freshly prepared dog food. From a shinier coat, to increased energy levels and relief from allergies, Hawaii Pet Food could make a real difference in the health of your pup.

2. Our Ingredients are fresh and locally sourced.
Hawaii Pet Food started with ingredients purchased from the farmer's market, and our commitment to high quality food has never changed. We only use whole food ingredients you and know and recognize, like lean and novel proteins, fresh fruits, veggies, and high quality carbohydrates all sourced from local farms or Alaska. Nothing artificial, no cheap fillers, no additives, and no preservatives. Ever. 

3. The experts approve
Hawaii Pet Food's recipes exceed expectations across the board