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Pork Protein

Pork Luau


Say Aloha to Pork Luau, made from the finest pork loin for a chewy and savory snacking experience. Bursting with delicious flavors, this jerky is a must-try for all pork lovers. Known as the "other white meat," pork is a healthy and satisfying protein source. To add a special island touch, each piece is sprinkled with coconut shavings from the North Shore of Hawaii. Indulge in this tropical twist on a classic jerky snack!



Ingredients: Pork, Organic Coconut


Weight: 4.0 oz


6 Month Shelf Life

Your items are prepared at the time of order and shipped within 7-10 days.
Orders processed as pickups will recieve a pickup ready email or call.
12 Month Shelf Life on Biscuits/Chews
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