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Ono Ono Bark

Ono Ono Bark


Ono Ono Bark, a top-quality fish jerky for dogs made from thinly sliced Ono (Wahoo) white fish. This simple single ingredient jerky is an excellent source of Omegas and Fatty Acids, promoting skin and coat health in your furry friend. Our Bark is always freshly caught and brought in house where it is slow baked and dried, ensuring that every bite is full of flavor and nutrition. Your dog or cat will love the mild flavor of this fresh catch, making it the perfect reward for good behavior or a tasty snack anytime. Treat your pet to the best with our Ono Ono Bark!


Weight: 3.0 oz

Your items are prepared at the time of order and shipped within 7-10 days.
Orders processed as pickups will recieve a pickup ready email or call.
12 Month Shelf Life on Biscuits/Chews
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