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  • Grain-free and gluten-free––perfect for any dog that just loves bacon!
  • Twice-baked for a light, crunchy texture—ideal when chewing is a challenge.
  • Free of artificial flavors, colorings and ingredients.
  • These non-GMO treats contain no BHA or BHT.
  • Crafted with human-grade, USA-sourced ingredients - Uncured Bacon


Treat your loyal four legged fam to a snack you'll  feel good about serving with Paradise Pawz Dog Treats. These 100% natural, hand-crafted, Bacon biscuits are the paw-fect meaty treat for any dog. Our limited ingredients promote a shiny coat and a waggaly tail.  Plus, these non-GMO, light and crunchy morsels are crafted without artificial flavors or colorings. Since they’re grain-free and gluten-free, they’re ideal for doggos with allergies or food sensitivities.




12 Month Shelf Life

Baked fresh to order


Ingredients - Organic Grain Free Flour Blend, Milk Solids, Peanut Flour, Uncured Bacon.