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Ahi Bark

Ahi Bark


Our Ahi Bark is a wiggleworthy delicious and healthy chew for all dogs! Made from high-quality grade 1 ahi filet, it is a fantastic source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, great for maintaining a shiny coat and healthy skin in your furry friend. We start with a grade 1 filet and slow bake it creating a crisp bark maintaining all essential fatty acids and omegas. What your dog gets is a high value treato like no other.


Dogs absolutely love the rich taste and chewy texture of our Ahi Bark, making it the perfect treat for training or rewarding good behavior. Unlike canned tuna, which can be harmful to dogs due to its high mercury content, our Ahi Bark is safe and beneficial for your canine companion. Treat your dog to the delectable flavor of ahi tuna with our Ahi Bark, and watch them wag their tails in delight!


Ingredients: 100% Ahi 

Weight: 3.0 oz

Your items are prepared at the time of order and shipped within 7-10 days.
Orders processed as pickups will recieve a pickup ready email or call.
12 Month Shelf Life on Biscuits/Chews
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