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Not just a bakery....

I'm pretty sure we're not the only retailer that opened and flourished in the middle of a pandemic, but we did and we are.

It took months to find a location in the heart of Kailuatown. Property Mangers were Zooming properties, Landlords were not signing leases in fear of tenant failures. It wasn't easy. However, we prevailed and ended up in the best shopping center in Kailua with a landlord that wasn't fearful of failure. Grant it, we're tucked in a small corner but we're here for a few reason.

Accessiblity - H3, H1, Pali and Kalanianaole all lead to the heart of our town.

We clearly didn't want a ginourmous overhead. We want to pass on savings.

A calm out of the beat and path of traffic was most suitable for dogs that enter.

So while we don't have a street front present, we have a bright and inviting shop that we are thriving in.

Back to not just a bakery. We are a modern dog boutique bakery. Dogtown Bakery is the first full service bakery and boutique in Hawaii. We offer fresh (daily) offerings in our bakery case (Not your ordinary case). We also bake our treats that are proudly made and support local growers and farmers around Oahu. You can find our treat line at may grocery stores, hotels and gift shops throughout Hawaii.

Anyway, what makes us a modern dog boutique? We offer dog bandanas, booties, Aloha apparel, collars and leashes. We work with entrepreneurs, mainly women and purchase in collections. Meaning we offer one or two sizes of each size of their newest or exclusive to us collection making your shopping experience unique.

Currently, we support small businesses within the island chain, the UK, Australia and parts of the mainland. We'll work with anyone that offers handmade, organic, small batch goodies your dog will love or look fabulous in.

It won't be long and we'll have an addition to our website. In the meantime, enjoy in store shopping. Check out a few of our newest fashions. We think they're pawfect for any dog. Big sizes too!

Aloha Apparel, Organic Leash, Cotton Bandanas
Mix and Match

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