Our Story

Dogtown Bakery opened its doors in June of 2021 with a mission to serve pets with the most nutritional and digestible treats, chews, cakes and lightly cooked fresh food. With over 20 years of experience in canine nutrition and wellness, our passion for dogs is to focus on using the highest quality nutritional and easily digestible ingredients possible. We rely on local sustainable farmers and growers, bringing you an incredible product without a high price.

Offering organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, and grain-free options to compliment your dogs dietary needs is what we take pride in. Our very own locally sourced treats, Paradise Pawz, can be found on the shelves and are baked fresh on site. Every morning the bakery case is greeted with fresh cakes and pastries just waiting to make a tail wag. Not to  leave out our single ingredient chews that are sliced and dried right here in our bakery by Chef Tracy Ichikawa is what we are known for.  

We haven't left out the modern dog! We offer a selection of additional products, including leashes, bowls, bandanas, and seasonal items.


Come by with your furry friend to say hello!

About our Canine Chef, Michelle Ichikawa

The Journey Iz the Reward

My name is Michelle Ichikawa and keeping dogs happy and healthy is my passion. At one point I was able to cuddle with my 7 Newfoundlands and English Cocker at once. Together we earned over 57 AKC/CKC, National Breed Titles as specials and earned countless AKC Working Dog titles​ along with being a Therapy Dog Team with Pet Partners.

Since nutrition has always been such an important component to keeping your immune system in check, I obtained numerous Certificates in Canine Nutrition early on. Some of my dogs were raw feeders, some home cooked and a couple are grain free preferred.


After losing my heart dog Izzy to Osteosarcoma, I decided to launch Paradise Pawz. A Veterinarian approved line of treats and chews made for all types of dogs. Each treat is hand cut, made from highest quality ingredients found right here in Hawaii.  Paradise Pawz is also proudly a member of Made in Hawaii with Aloha sponsored by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.  

We offer a full line of cakes that are made fresh to order without sugars, vegetable/canola oil, preservatives or toxic food coloring. Each cake is formulated to match your dog's dietary needs. We also have fresh baked ready to purchase cakes daily along with our full line of doughmutts and pastries.

Newfoundland Dog

What Made Us Famous

First, our love for dogs!  All dogs, all ages and stages. Then, our high standards in quality, nutrition and ingredients! We are a wheat, soy and corn free bakery just for dogs. We skip the veggie, canola and corn oils.  Taking a gluten free approach and using a grain free yogurt frosting on all cakes. and pastries keeps any allergy issue at bay. 

Dog Cakes

Creating dog cakes for all ages and stages, no dog left behind.


Locally Sourced Treats

Using sustainable and locally sourced ingredients to help support small businesses on the island


Giving Back to the Pet Community

Through donations and events